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DiscoverHover announces new communication programs

The World Hovercraft Organization's popular DiscoverHover international school hovercraft program has truly become global. As of August 2006, membership has increased to more than 1700 instructors and students in 55 nations.

In response to the numerous requests from instructors who would like to collaborate with other schools as their students build the DiscoverHover One hovercraft, we announce two new programs to facilitate communication between DiscoverHover member schools and to connect them to the worldwide hovercraft community: a Sister School Program and a list-serv Discussion Group.

DiscoverHover Sister School Program

The new Sister School Program is open to all instructors registered with DiscoverHover and can now be accessed at Sister Schools. The program allows you to search for potential sister schools by nation, and by state in the USA. You may then easily email individual instructors or all instructors in a state or nation with one click.

Partnering with other schools offers instructors the opportunity to share ideas and expertise as your students build their hovercraft, and will broaden the educational experience for both you and your students.

Instructors may partner with sister schools from your own country or with schools in other nations – or both. The DiscoverHover Sister Schools Program can be used for a simple exchange of hovercraft building tips, or it can easily expand into cooperative curriculum development and student exchange visits between schools and countries.

Sister school programs are proven to be educational opportunities that have tremendous impact on those involved, and can have an influence on future international relations as well.

Participants cite many benefits, including a deeper understanding of other cultures; new global and historical perspectives on their own societies; lasting personal relationships; increased language competence; and increased excitement and enthusiasm about learning.

DiscoverHover Discussion Group

The new DiscoverHover Discussion Group is an email list-serv that connects DiscoverHover members throughout the world with each other - and with experienced hovercraft builders as well. The Discussion Group is open to all DiscoverHover members, as well as to the worldwide hovercraft community – hoverclubs, manufacturers, builders, racers and individual hovercraft enthusiasts.

The Discussion Group is the place for DiscoverHover students and instructors to ask questions and seek help from each other - and from the experts - as you build your hovercraft.

All DiscoverHover members, as well as non-members, are invited to join the Discussion Group. To subscribe, go to DiscoverHover Discussion.

Share your experiences!

As the DiscoverHover International School Hovercraft Program continues to mature, we invite you to share your experiences with the program:

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DiscoverHover.org at Featured Schools

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