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HoverChair at the Air Fair

Mar/Apr 2003

This is another one of the hundreds of behind-the-scenes hovercraft stories that people rarely get to hear about.

To help promote World Hovercraft Week 2002, Bob Windt, Marquis Songer, Chris Fitzgerald, Jason Kuehn and James Wallace set up a booth at the Terre Haute Air Fair. Rides were given on a simple HoverChair that Chris designed and James built at Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc. The HoverChair uses a leaf blower connected to 3 pods fitted with jupe skirts. It will easily lift 300 pounds.

On both Saturday and Sunday, Bob flew in his wing-in-Ground Affect HoverWig, Chris flew the Neoteric 2002 World Hovercraft Championship pace craft, and Marquis flew the Universal Hovercraft pace craft among some pretty impressive company. The air show featured the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds and the U.S. Army's Crack Parachute Troop.

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